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Joining the active and fun Ready 2 Run community is easy and affords substantial benefits. We provide exclusive opportunities to enhance the Club experience for all our valued members.  

  • The ability have direct input into the activities and direction of the Club through meeting attendance and voting rights. We also conduct surveys which help shape Club decisions.

  • Our newsletter Ready 2 Read is published three times per year and celebrates the accomplishments of our awesome agility teams as well as providing fun and informative articles on various related subjects.

  • It takes a village to run the Club and hold trials. Members have the opportunity to receive Club credit by volunteering in key trial and Club leadership roles. 

  • Club members will have the opportunity to participate in member-only events such as workshops and seminars when offered.

  • Members receive a complimentary, custom-embroidered jacket when a dog they handle earns its first NATCH.

  • Members may order custom Club gifts which are distributed at the annual awards party dinner and may elect to receive a free certificate of recognition of their dog's annual achievements at the annual awards party dinner.

  • The ability to order a variety of Club branded merchandise when available, including customized metal pins signifying special titles members have earned with their dogs.

  • Beat of all is the incomparable camaraderie that comes with being an official member of the Club!

Annual dues are $25.00 for an individual membership and $35.00 for a family membership.


Membership and renewal form

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